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Submission Guidelines for Assemblies


An assembly is more than a gathering; it is a convergence of forces, organizations and people who are in the social movement struggle for systemic social change. It is a convergence not only of numbers, but also of thinking, analysis and agreements, synthesizing everyone’s ideas, experiences, recommendations, goals and objectives for ACTION. The assembly is a process that involves everyone in the room reaching consensus and moving toward ACTION.

The assemblies at Free Minds, Free People are modeled on the US Social Forum People’s Movement Assemblies. We are inviting organizations and individuals working on a specific issue within Education for Liberation to organize a gathering where participants can build toward national connectedness and collective action on that issue. We envision these assemblies as collaborative movement building and strengthening spaces within Free Minds, Free People. The following are examples of past assembly topics: The Defense and Promotion of Ethnic Studies; Fighting School Closings; Social Movement Unionism; and Building a Social Justice Schools Network. These topics can be expanded, and new topics are welcome for consideration.For a more detailed example of how an assembly could be organized, please visit the People’s Movement Assembly Organizing website.

Proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be consistent with the values of Free Minds, Free People and Education for Liberation
  • Must be coordinated by at least two organizations/networks/individuals from different cities and preferably different states.
  • Must include a plan for collaboration that starts before Free Minds, Free People and extends beyond it.
  • The assembly at FMFP must include a clear outcome or product. It could be a statement, agreement, plan for specific action or draft legislation.
  • The assembly leadership must include people most affected by education injustice, for example, youth, people of color, low-income people, GLBTQIA people etc.
  • The assembly leadership should include organizations and people who have experience in working on the chosen issue.
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