We invite K-12 teachers, administrators, community-based educators, youth, activists/organizers, artists, parents and academic researchers to submit proposals that address a range of education justice issues.

There are several different types of activities that you can submit proposals for:


Practitioners will provide hands-on instruction and practical ideas and methods that participants can take back to their home communities. We prefer workshops that are more active. (Workshops last 90 minutes).

Panel Discussion

Several individuals with experience on a given topic will present during a 90-minute time slot, fielding questions and generating action-oriented dialogue with participants.

Paper or Research Exploration

Authors/researchers will share a 90-minute time slot to interactively explore papers similar topics and engage the audience in the issues and implications for youth and social change. The FMFP planning team will put selected researchers together into panels.

Young Activists Workshop

Facilitators will lead a hands-on activity specifically for youth ages 4-12. Activities are designed to engage young minds in exploring issues relevant to their experiences and expressing their unique voices. (Young Activists Workshops last 90 minutes)


We are inviting organizations and individuals working on a specific issue within Education for Liberation to organize a convening where participants can build toward national connectedness and collective action on that issue. We envision these assemblies as collaborative movement building and strengthening spaces within Free Minds, Free People.

Each proposal submission page contains more detailed guidelines about what we are looking for in each proposal type.

Additional questions? Please email thomas@edliberation.org.